Risk-Based Decisions, Inc. (RBDI) specializes in the cost-effective investigation and cleanup of all types of contaminated properties with a focus on dry cleaners and sites impacted by chlorinated compounds such as PCE and TCE. Over the past 25 years, RBDI has cleaned up and/or obtained No Further Action letters from the environmental regulatory agencies on over 75 sites, including 23 sites impacted by PCE/TCE. In addition, our scientists have published their findings in established peer-reviewed journals.

Some of our clients

“In the end, RDBI’s professionalism, expertise and novel approach saved my client a significant amount of money while limiting their liability. They successfully remediated the site and received a “No Further Action” letter without restrictions from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. The corporate fiduciary was particularly impressed with the work that RDBI provided, and has retained them on several other matters since the inception of their relationship with my client.”

John C. Lassner, Attorney At Law
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