What We Do

Groundwater modeling of contaminant fate and transport

RBDI has successfully employed a wide range of numerical and other models in support of mass quantification, plume delineation, risk assessments and site closure.

Our senior scientists are experienced in the use of ARCVIEW GIS, Groundwater Vistas, GMS, Visual MODFLOW, MT3D, RT3D, MOFAT, MSTS, TOUGH2, VLEACH, SESOIL, HELP, VS2DT, LEACHEC. We have also modified computer model codes for PC-based models such as TOUGH2 and MSTS.

  • Developed 2D and 3D visualizations to show contaminant plumes in the subsurface thus allowing for a visual display of where plumes could or
    could not have migrated.
Risk-Based Decisions, Inc. (RBDI) Dry Cleaning site contaminant plume
  • In study of chlorinated and gasoline contaminants in a port area, RBDI used 3D groundwater modeling, along with an analysis of cations and anions in groundwater, to demonstrate plume delineation and identify the exact location from where the gasoline plume was seeping into the harbor.
Risk-Based Decisions, Inc. (RBDI) contaminant plume
  • Used spatial analysis in GIS, contaminant modeling, and chemical fingerprinting to show that what had been assumed to be a large,
    city-wide PCE plume for 14 years was, in fact, made up of at least four distinct PCE plumes.
Risk-Based Decisions, Inc. (RBDI) PCE sand bridge
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