What We Do

Hydrologic Modeling for Agricultural Issues and Storm Water Permitting

  • Performed field investigation of water, solute mass balance for watershed in northern California. Investigated
    water quality problems in Tule Lake and the impact of agricultural irrigation and drainage systems to wildlife.
  • Developed a unique buffer zone separating agricultural systems from a wildlife refuge by using a high rate algae pond and marshlands.
  • Modeled effect of irrigation techniques on selenium transport and volatilization for the Kesterson Reservoir in California.
  • Developed a water budget program, using California Irrigation Information System data, to estimate drainage in a field-scale experiment.
  • Performed computer modeling for water, solute movement, chemical equilibrium, and statistical analyses. Used experimental and California Irrigation Information System data in modeling solute transport with LEACHM program.
  • Applied aerial photo and satellite images for managing land use, soil surveys, crop yield estimation, flood monitoring, and monitoring of fire hazards in remote forests.
  • RBDI scientist supervised a Land Support GIS project funded by the United Nations.
  • Developed an innovative approach to meet the stormwater runoff regulations for a 30+ acre proposed multi-unit residential development using the Bay Area Hydrologic Model (BAHM). Negotiated permit approval for redevelopment with cost-effective hydromodifications that would be necessary to meet the regulatory criterion.
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